A Cut Above The Rest  


Our Philosophy
Are you equipped for Underwater Explorations
Technically Trained and Qualified to do so?

We are steep in Tek and Deep into the Wrecks of Coron. We offer uncompromised Recreational & Technical Diving. So enter the realm of Indigo Diving with Aqua Dive. Go to the Abyss and come back from memorable dives.

~ No Mass-Tourism ~
~ No Cheap Charlies ~
~ No Abysmal “fun(?)" dives ~
~ No Pseudo-tek offered by the likes of TecRec ~


Well, we have been diving the Wrecks, Caverns, Lakes and Reefs of Coron since 1994!
And, we do NOT like what we see!!
  • Open Water divers with 4 dives (all certification dives) taken on their first real dive, into 3+ Knots current with 6 others (all having 10 dives or less) per DiveMaster (or just Open Water Divers as "Guides").
  • DSDs (Discover SCUBA Divers) taken down and into the IRAKO (the deepest WWII wreck dive here) which has an upper-deck level of 24m!
  • Non-Wreck Dive trained divers running out of air IN SIDE of wrecks, only to be given the octopus of their Non-Wreck Dive certified Instructor “Guides”, who merrily continuous the dives as if nothing has happened!?! (Yes, this has happened on many of occasions).
  • And many more horror stories…

If you would like to see why we still love to dive here ~


In the safety and knowledge that we will provide you with the training & knowledge – if needed – for a truly memorable dive into the realm of the Indigo Abyss.


If you like big crowds of untrained divers under the supervision of under qualified dive guides/ DiveMaters and/ or dangerously reckless Instructors.


If on the other hand you prefer small groups - In Water 4, minimum 1 – (yes we welcome groups of one), well trained, knowable and qualified divers being led by non-compromising (your safety and ours) Instructor Trainers/ Instructors/ DiveMasters.

Please feel free to call on us.

Deep into Tek, specialized in the Wrecks and not out of Our Depth here in Coron.
Deep Down YOU want the Best,
Money can buy for You and Your Loved Ones.


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